Do What Ya Mother Told Ya!

Do What Ya Mother Told Ya!

By Just More Productions

Feast Days

Creative Team:

Created and performed by Fatina and Blaze Tarsha

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International touring contemporary circus artist Blaze and touring circus chef/clown Fatina are a mother and daughter duo. Join them on a joyous journey of a plate spinning, food juggling and fire blazing!

Once all the lemons have been juggled, the plates spun, and the flaming pans put out, it’s time for the grand finale, where the clumsy assistant finally gets a taste of the cake. Suddenly Tiny T is no longer clumsy!

Do What Ya Mother Told Ya! is a feast of food fusion and storytelling across geography and generations.

Just More is a physical theatre & circus company, using food history and circus to educate and entertain, vibrant and friendly performances, bringing culture and communities together. A genuine mother/daughter collaboration, the company have a close relationship having toured together in Nofitstate Circus since 2005.

Show Info.


Thames Barrier Park

Date & Time Slot:

9 Sep: Performances between 11:00 and 17:00 (timetable available on the day)

Running Time:

25 mins

Recommended Age:


“The uncontrollable laughter of the kids said it all!”

Audience member at Llandudono


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