Eating Myself

Eating Myself

By Pepa Duarte

Feast Days

Creative Team:

Written & performed by Pepa Duarte
Directed by Sergio Maggiolo


“Food is a gift. Something you give to others. A privilege. An excuse to be with the ones you love.”

Back home, the mouth-watering flavours and aromas of traditional Peruvian cooking were forbidden in Pepa’s home. Except when Grandma would sneak in a steak and some spices. In England, Pepa found herself on a journey, a journey inside herself, to discover that food could be shared with a new family around a new table.

And now you are invited to taste it. Through sharing her own experiences, Duarte undertakes a powerful journey, inviting the audience to reflect on their own relationships with food. You are invited to the table to join Pepa Duarte (A Fight Against, Royal Court) for a full sensory experience exploring womanhood, body image and tradition in this debut play directed by Sergio Maggiolo.

Our indoor theatre shows have limited capacity and we therefore ask you to book tickets in advance. Free tickets for 10 September at Applecart Arts are available here
(Subject to a £1 booking fee)

Show Info.


Applecart Arts (10 Sep)

Date & Time Slot:

10 Sep at 19:00

Running Time:

55 minutes

Recommended Age:



“A well-crafted piece of theatrical storytelling. Nourishing, and created with a great deal of heart and soul.”



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