Eating Tomorrow

Eating Tomorrow

An Interactive exhibition

Food Club

Creative Team:

Post Dining


What does the future taste like? Enter the progressive narrative of Eating Tomorrow and explore what our food systems, customs and behaviours might become in the next fifty years.

This immersive exhibition has been devised by the Australian-based multi-sensory design company, Post Dining, who merges food with the creative arts to create innovative forms of entertainment and education.

Eating Tomorrow has been adapted from Post Dining’s award-winning theatre production of the same name, and utilises interactive technology, film and sound to guide audiences through four prospective food futures. Inspired by research conducted by the Australian Academy of science, expect to be transported through worlds of growth, restraint and catastrophe, before experiencing a final transformation.

Eating Tomorrow made its award-winning debut at Adelaide Fringe 2021 taking out the Weekly Award for Best Interactive, and the overall VisualCom Sustainability Award.

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Show Info.


art in the docks

Hamme Building

25 Shackleton Way,

London E16 2XJ

Date & Time Slot:

15 Sep 15:00-20:00 (Fri)

16 Sep 10:00-20:00 (Sat)

Running Time:

With your own speed, suggest 40-45 minutes

Recommended Age:



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