Feast Of Fools

Feast Of Fools

Daniel Serridge

FeastFest / Edinburg 2019


Main Actor:
Daniel Serridge


Feast Of Fools



Ever poured gravy into your hat? Eaten next to a Sultan? Had a dinner party with the devil? Well now’s your chance. The Feast of Fools will make this happen and more in one of the most unusual feeds you’ll ever have. Join storyteller Daniel Serridge at his dinner table of foolishness as he regales you with tales of disgusting banquets, salubrious suppers and measly meals. Prepare to get wined, dined and unrefined. Disclaimer: There will be no food served at this event and as a consequence you’ll leave starving or never wanting to eat again.

Show Info.


Venue 30 – Scottish Storytelling Centre – Library at Fringe

Date & Time Slot:

1 – 6, 8 – 12, 15 – 18 August
1:30 PM

Running Time:

50 minutes

Recommended Age:


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