By Helen Ainsworth and John Mowat

Feast Days

Cast and Creative Team Credits:

Created by Helen Ainsworth and John Mowat
Directed by John Mowat

Janet 4

Janet tells the story of the residents in a block of flats and was inspired by living on the Maiden Lane Estate, Kings Cross. It focuses on the story of a young woman – “Janet” who is represented by a lump of uncooked bread dough.

Join us for an emotional, high-­energy, poetically performed tragi-­comedy, celebrating the life of Janet, an ordinary woman who dreams for something else beyond the inevitable and conventional.

Janet is a show for anyone who has tried to defy destiny or go against the grain in everyday life; for those who love to play with their food and especially for those who enjoy a well baked loaf of bread! A very human story told by objects with a dark comic edge – a mix of Monty Python and Emmerdale, plus a pinch of B-Movie Horror.

The production is influenced by Scottish author Ali Smith’s book Artful and also a short story – “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and uses unusual puppetry techniques to tell the story.

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60 minutes

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