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Rachael Savage – Artistic Director of Vamos Theatre

Rachael Savage, Gavin Maxwell. Marco Nanetti

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FeastFest favourites Vamos Theatre are returning for 2023 and they’re bringing a PICNIC – a hand picked selection of three of their unique walkabout performances. Take a wander in Thames Barrier Park and you’re sure to come across one of these:

Cheapskate Catering, you’ll be simply amazed by their incompetence! Serving drinks and canapés at events, the Cheapskate team guarantee silliness, clumsiness, inappropriate flirting, over-attentiveness, drunken and attention-seeking behaviour of all kinds. Not to be forgotten in a hurry!

The Crimplene Crusaders: our twin-set clad campaigners who will keep a firm eye out for any slouching, flirting or hand-holding. On very special occasions, they may be persuaded to let their hair down and demonstrate some unrivalled disco moves to their favourite modern music.

The Light Brigade – Powered by the people! Turn the dynamo, light up the night and get this party started. The Light Brigade is on hand to charge up Light Festivals and night time events with colour and hilarity using the latest low-impact dynamo-technology. Family & environmentally friendly.

Show Info.


Thames Barrier Park

Date & Time Slot:

9 Sep: Performances between 11:00 and 17:00 (timetable available on the day)

Running Time:

Each show 40 mins

Recommended Age:

All ages


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