By Pif-Paf

Feast Days

Creative Team:

Pete Gunson, joint artistic director, producer, engineer. Deviser & Perfomer .
Eleanor Hooper, Joint artistic director, Lead artist, Director (TOAST)

TOAST - Photo Credit Ash Mills - Dance P & Audience - Pif-Paf

Pif-Paf invite to to join them on a beautiful big hearted journey through food, dance, live music, songs and tales from around the world. Join the Guild of Toasters and dance with their cart through the seasons as you toast your own lives with Batter Based treats from around the world in a love song to community.

TOAST was built from meeting musicians, cooks, dancers and story tellers from around the world who, like Pif-Paf, have made Sheffield their home town. They’ve stitched all these treats together into a show that moves around a space as we travel with their beautiful mobile Toast Kitchen full circle around the wheel of seasons and celebrate each other in intimate sharing of food, wild dancing, and lashings of live music.

Pete Gunson formed Pif-Paf in 2003 in Manchester inspired by his engineering background and companies he’d worked with. Eleanor Hooper, joint artistic director, trained as a fine artist specialising in portraiture, mask making and performance art.

Show Info.


Thames Barrier Park

Date & Time Slot:

9 Sep: Performances between 11:00 and 17:00 (timetable available on the day)

Running Time:

45 minutes

Recommended Age:

All ages


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